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The Toney’s and us are planning a photoshoot with the Toney kids. Marsha and Cayce hit the thrift store and purchased props for the shoot yesterday. This image was me trying to dial in my lighting and exposure, a test shoot. This is probably the best of the test shots.

I have some work to do. I have another flash that will be used for hair light and/or background separation but I don’t have a good way to fire the flash yet. I either need another Pocket Wizard radio trigger or an optical sensor to trigger the 3rd flash.

Set up was a 580ex in a 32″ softbox camera right. An old 430ez in a 42″ umbrella camera right. Both lights are approximately 45 degrees from my miniature model Kat about 6 ft away. An overhead light in the room casting really bad shadows but I needed it for focus and so we could all see what we were doing.

My todo list includes doing something with the over head light. Maybe a lamp in the room so we can see. I need a way to trigger that 3rd flash without breaking the bank. Makeup artist and costume consultants (Marsha and Cayce) and a better backdrop maybe.

A special thanks to Alyx Toney for assisting me…..


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