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We went to a koi breeder yesterday to finally pick up a couple of fish for our pond. My intent was to choose 2. I definitely wanted a Kohaku and see if the breeder had an Asagi. He did not but had some great Kohakus.

Well we came home with 4… It was so hard to decide. The breeder says that is why he has a fish farm, he could never decide.

Kohaku: White koi with red (hi, pronounced ‘he’ ) markings. The hi should be deep red with well defined edges (kiwa) where it meets the white which should be pure and bright.

Kujaku: Platinum koi with hi markings. The scales are overlaid with a matsuba pattern. (black centres to its scales, creating a pine cone effect)

Yamabuki Ogon: Yellow-gold metallic koi.

Chagoi: Light brown/olive koi. They have a reputation of being overly friendly and grow quite large.

Doitsu Asagi: is the term applied to a fully reticulated koi that exhibits a blue color above its lateral line, and accented by red markings on its underside.

The Pond: This shot was taken at our normal viewing perspective. The new Koi were added to the upper pond but we imagine they will find themselves in the lower pond like the others have on their own. This image was taken a month or so ago. There have been some subtle changes since that time. I’ve installed a skimmer in the lower pond, moved somethings around etc.

Jul 11, 2010


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