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We attended Lotus Land Koi Farm’s fall harvest sale today. There were a lot of fish tosai (1st year) and nisai (2nd year) and the turn out of people looked pretty well also. After we finally found the farm after our GPS landed us on a dead end road in between a bunch of fields, literally in the middle of nowhere. I was able to find my history from this past spring in the GPS and arrived about an hour later than we should have.

As usual Lotus land had some gorgeous fish. I’m sure most were out of our price range. We learned a lot as we do every time we visit Brady at Lotus land.

This little guy caught our eye. I was searching for a Goshiki, Hi Utsuri, Shiro Utsuri, or Tancho. Brady had all of these but as our eye is developing, what makes a good Koi and trying to determine what we think the Koi will look like as an adult, we decided on this little guy. I do mean little. He measures in at about 4-4.5 inches. It will be interesting to see how he develops.

Our others from Lotus land are doing great and growing like weeds. This fall we will re-home our Tosai to the other pond and I will take pictures of them for comparison so that we can see how they are developing and growing. Stay tuned…..


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