The most snow I have seen in North Carolina in a long time, also the coldest I have seen in a long time. I was able to get out and shoot a little. Thankfully, I have 4 wheel drive……
Snow Cows
Snow Barn
Snow Barn 2

WTF !!!

This is a zoo trip not in the wild but I have been as close if not closer to a few of these creatures. Kids, don’t try this at home. I don’t recommend it…….


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Our son got his first dog. Her name is Sandy. She is a Bassett/Jack Russell mix. She is a very attentive dog and shows some intelligence. So far she looks like she has more Bassett traits in her physical appearance. She is the cutest puppy as most puppies are. I look forward to watching her grow and seeing how well she turns out. I have high hopes for her as she shows very good progress in the short time I have known her.

Koi: or more specifically nishikigoi, are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp that are commonly kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds and water gardens.

We started a project in spring to add a small pool and stream to our existing koi pond. Well that has morphed into something totally different as a lot of projects do, especially our projects. Many $$ later and a lot of hard work has produced the result in the images below. I am working on the mechanics behind the filtration now. What you can’t see is a pit behind the bamboo fence that is roughly 5′ deep and also roughly 8′ x 8′ and I still have more digging to do. In this pit will be the gravity fed filtration and pumps to force the water back up to the water fall on the original pond, which has also not been built yet.

This spring the filtration should be complete and we will add a few koi to our 1 existing koi. We will also add bog plants around the back side of the new pond. In the upper pond we have lilies, hyacinth, water lettuce and gold fish. The upper pond will all the plants will help the filtration. In the lower pond we will have half a dozen koi tops.

It’s that time of year again and next week we hang out winning entries in the Holly Springs Community Center / Library. I have 3 spots this year in the main lobby. I feel fortunate to have done so well. There was some pretty stiff competition this year as there always is.

The official “Art After Dark” reception is Friday September 11th. Please join us.

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For those of you that have forgotten what the 4th is about.




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A little milk, food coloring and light on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Getting everything ready and setting up took longer than the shot. I had not tried the milk idea and had always used water. I think it turned out ok. Focus was a bear! I want to try this again soon. I have a few more ideas. I hope you enjoy.


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Well, I have thrown around the idea of a secure site for ordering prints for quite some time. I even went to the trouble of installing the digital certificates and the site is all set up to handle those requests. After closer consideration, I have decided to use Zenfolio and let them handle my print and ordering needs.

Zenfolio uses professional labs for their prints. Everything ordered through them should be a professional quality. I do go to great pain to insure the color and format are as near perfect as possible. If you have the choice, do not let the lab color correct.

I figure they are all set up to handle the process, why not leave it to the professionals. Maybe this will allow me more time to actually take pictures rather than sitting behind a computer processing images for print. The cost of this site and the Zenfolio site will probably mean I will take a loss every year but that is acceptable to me at this point to hopefully get my business rolling. I may re-evaluate next year to see if it is all worth the expense and effort.

If you see any prints in the gallery that are not offered on the Zenfolio site, please let me know and I will be glad to upload the print.

Please visit and order your print today!

…..and you call yourselves Americans?

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